Daffodil Teas
Picture, Daffodil Teas
The area around Dymock used to be part of the wholesale daffodil trade.
There are still many areas of wild daffodils, especially in Dymock Woods

Dymock Church provides
Tea, Coffee, Homemade Cakes
in church every day during the season
(and Poughman's Lunch if pre-booked)
11:00am - 4:00pm
Saturday 28th February - Friday 17th April

The neighbouring villages arrange
"Daffodil Walks"
some with guides, and some on your own
(Map available on Dymock Village Green)

Special 'Daffodil Weekends'
Kempley 14-15 March, Oxenhall 21-22 March, Dymock 28 - 29 March

Everyone welcome
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