Worship - Pattern of Services
A Regular Pattern
Picture, A Dymock Congregation
Dymock is one of 9 churches in the 'United Benefice of the Leadon Vale'. The Services follow a regular pattern with a Service in Dymock Church most Sunday mornings, except on the 3rd Sunday every month or when there's a fifth Sunday in the month, when we all go to one of the other churches in our Benefice in turn. Our Sunday Service is usually at 9:30am, except the shared Services in another church which are at 10:00am. Occasionally this pattern varies because of a clash of dates etc. Any variations are marked * (Return to top)

There is usually a midweek Service Monday to Friday at one of the Benefice Churches, but these are occasionally cancelled at short notice due to a clash of dates. Please check the Diary Page for the latest position on all Services. (Return to top)

We welcome children at all our Services and provide a 'Children's Corner' for 'Toddlers' with supervised activities whilst parents join in the worship (Click here for details) and an evening Service (called 'Ignite') on the third Sunday using a contemporary format suitable for young teens as well as all ages (Click here for details). The full pattern of Services is shown below. (Return to top)
Sunday Services
1st Sunday    Holy Communion with choir
2nd Sunday   Non-Communion 'All-Age Service'
3rd Sunday   Holy Communion in one church (10:00am)
3rd Sunday   Contemporary Service 'Ignite'
4th Sunday    Holy Communion with choir
5th Sunday    Holy Communion in one church (10:00am)
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Mid-Week Services
Tuesday         Redmarley, Morning Prayer (9:30am)
Wednesday    Dymock, Holy Communion (10:30am)
Thursday        Oxenhall, Day Prayer (2:00pm)
Friday             Dymock, Morning Prayer (9:00am)
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All-Age Services
(2nd Sunday)*
Jan 10th
Feb 14th
Mar 20th   Palm Sunday
Apr 10th  
May 8th  Charity Service (GARAS)
Jun 12th
** On 3rd Sunday of March
- 20th March
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All-Age Services
(2nd Sunday)*
Jul 10th
Aug 14th    Family Pets Service

Sep 25th    Harvest Festival (11:15am)
Oct   9th
Nov 13th   Remembrance Sunday (10:15am)*
Dec 25th   Christmas Morning (10:00am)**
** On 2nd Sunday of November, Remembrance Day
** On 4th Sunday of December, Christmas Day
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