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Giving Life Meaning
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What's It All About?
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Hello and welcome to Modulo - a series of modules that build into an explanation of Christianity, which many people find gives life meaning:
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The Basics or The Big Picture

The Basics explores the whole topic in a short, single session, which is sufficient if you only want a summary of the principles.
The Big Picture is for those who would like more detail. It explores the same titles as The Basics but is divided into several Parts, each of which takes about an hour, so you may like to explore each Part separately over several sessions.

Sample questions and answers are provided to help you think about it and compare the points made with your own life today, and, of course, you can explore your own questions too.

As well as the on-screen introductions, every page is provided in PDF format so you can click on it to print it out if you would like a paper copy and Click here if you would like a title page. Click here to download the PDF Acrobat Reader for free if you don't already have it.
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    A Firm Foundation
    1: The Old Covenant
    2: The New Covenant
    3: The Apostles Response
    4: Authority's Response

    Modulo - The Big Picture also has
  • 5: Our Own Response
  • 6: Prayers and Praying
  • 7: Notes For Leaders

    Module 5 will look at how some individual people responded, then offer us an opportunity to respond too.

    Module 6 is designed to help you build a relationship with God.

    Module 7 is optional to assist you to set up your own group if you would like help to do that.
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You can use Modulo on your own but it's better in a group where you can learn from each other. Your local church may have a group you can join, or you may prefer to form your own group with friends or relatives, meeting in someone's home, a hall, a pub, a coffee bar, etc - whatever suits you.

An informal meeting over a meal or refreshments is best as it helps promote the sharing of ideas and the bit of knowledge we've each been given.
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  • You might do Modulo by handing out the text for each Part, read through it in a group, then discuss the points raised using your own or the sample questions, or

  • You can be more informal and discuss the topics in a way that suits you, using the text of each Module to prompt your discussion.
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What Do You Think?
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Sample questions and answer are given at the end of each Module to help you to get a group discussion going, but of course you can also discuss your own questions as well.
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