April 2014
Annual Parochial Church Meeting
Picture, A Dymock Congregation
Immediately following the Palm Sunday Service (see report below) we held our 'Annual Parochial Church Meeting' (APCM) - the official name for the church's AGM. Some 22 members remained behind for an hour and a quarter to vote for officers for the year - Churchwardens, Deanery Synod and Parochial Church Council (PCC) - and to receive reports on the extensive church activities that took place during 2013. Unfortunately the original date of the meeting had to be changed at relatively short notice because of a clash with the Lent Course so our Rector and Chairman, Rev'd Tony Lomas, was engaged taking a Service at the same time in another of our Benefice churches, consequently the meeting was managed by our Vice-Chairman, Bob May. (Return to top)

Our previous two churchwardens were re-elected, with thanks for all the work they do for us, as was last year's PCC with the exception of one member, Mr Ian Brown, who resigned but who was replaced on a unanimous vote by Mrs Cath Williams. Mrs Chris May was re-elected as one of our Deanery Synod members and Mr Richard Dunnett was elected as our second member. (Return to top)

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Palm Sunday & Charity Service
Picture, Dinkey Procession
Our Family Service this month fell on Palm Sunday so it was a busy day. We began with our now traditional procession led by a real donkey and our church choir from Ann Cam School to the Village Green outside the church, where it was met by the rest of the congregation for a short reading and enactment of the Palm Sunday event, when Jesus rode a donkey into Jerusalem at the start of 'Holy Week' leading up to his crucifixion. Everyone then went into the church where we held a regular 'Family Charity Service' to think about Palm Sunday and our international charity this year - 'Toilet Twinning'. (Return to top)

The Service followed the usual 'Family' format with a sermon that began with Palm Sunday but moved on to talk about the need for good sanitation in many 'third world' countries. Just before the end of the Service we received a PowerPoint presentation about the 'Toilet Twinning' organisation who arrange to twin your toilet with one in a third-world country. We learnt that some 42% of the world's population don't have access to proper sanitation, which leads to the spread of disease, especially in parts of Africa and Asia.

By making a donation of just £60 we can provide the funding for proper sanitation in a village in one of those countries - we had a vote among the congregation and chose to support Nepal. We can expect to receive information about the facility our donation has provided and a picture of any toilet that involves to display in our own new toilet in the churchyard. After the Service we shared coffee before holding our annual church meeting, see report above.
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School Easter Assembly
Picture, School Children in Church
April 3rd saw Ann Cam School's end of term Service in Dymock Church, before the start of the Easter Holiday. Eighty-two children from the reception class up to year 6 and forty-five parents were in church to celebrate. The Head teacher, Mr Ward, wasn't able to be there at short notice because of personal bereavement so our Rector, Rev'd Tony Lomas, led the event. (Return to top)

We all sang "Sing Out An Easter Song" before each class gave a short presentation. Class 1 rendered a poem/song "Spring Chicken" wearing feather face masks, followed by Class 2 who told the story of Easter from Palm Sunday to the Resurrection, illustrated with pictures they'd prepared, then we all sang "Colours of Day". (Return to top)

Class 3 told the story of 'The Three Trees', who wanted to be used for great things.. but weren't; except they came to be used for Jesus' crib, the boat that Jesus was in when he stilled the water, and the cross on which Jesus was crucified. Class 4 then told us how Easter is celebrated in several different countries round the world, and we finished with the hymn "Lord of the Dance." Children from each class were then given merit certificates and a teacher who was leaving this term was given a presentation with chocolates and flowers. (Return to top)