August 2014
Family Pets Service
Picture, Pets in Church
August 10th saw our annual Pet's Service. For the third year running we had to hold it in church instead of on the Village Green due to wet weather (actually the remains of Hurricane Bertha!) so we were pleased that 24 people and 8 dogs made it - more than we expected in view of the heavy rain. (Return to top)

Rev'd Marilyn Adsetts made her annual visit to lead the Service, this year with her new dog 'Daisy', because her PAT (Pets As Therapy*) dog 'Fudge' had died of old age. The Service followed much of our regular 'All-Age' Family Service format, but this year Marilyn introduced an individual blessing for each pet. (Return to top)

The reading was introduced with an apology, because it coincidentally was about Noah building an Ark to save the animals from the flood which resulted from heavy rain. Fortunately the rain outside had eased considerably by the time we left the church, so we weren't flooded this time. (Return to top)

*PAT dogs are trained to accept strangers and are taken into hospitals and homes to allow patients to pet them as part of their treatment. (Return to top)