September 2014
Partnership Sunday
Picture, Bishop Martyn
Sunday afternoon, 7th September saw a special Service in Gloucester Cathedral to celebrate our diocesan overseas links. The Service was expertly taken by the Bishop of Tewksbury, Rt Revd Martyn Snow and began with the placing of a candle on the altar table by each of our Link Officers for: Karnataka Central and Dornakal in India, Västerås in Sweden, Western Tanganyika in Africa and El Camino Real in America. After the Service, the respective candle was to be sent to the cathedral in the respective oversea diocese. (Return to top)

The young people from our Diocese who had visited India and Tanganyika this year gave a short presentation illustrated with a few slides of their experiences. In his sermon, Bishop Martyn referred to the suffering each of our dioceses are experiencing this time before asking us to take back to our parishes two questions: (1) How can we show solidarity with our partners who are suffering? (2) How can we make partnership central to all we do in our Benefice, Diocese and overseas links? (Return to top)

The Revd Gerard Storey was then anointed and commissioned as our partner about to go to Tanganyika to work in that diocese and the Service ended with the dismissal said by Canon Daudi Ndahana from Tanganyika. (Return to top)
Confirmation Service
Picture, Confirmation Candidates
On Sunday morning 7th September, 9 children and 1 adult from across the churches in our Benefice were presented to the bishop for Confirmation in a special Service in Dymock Church. Bishop Michael of Gloucester was unable to attend, so we welcomed to Dymock for the first time one of the Gloucester Assistant Bishops, the recently retired Bishop of Guildford, Rt Revd Christopher Hill. (Return to top)

In his sermon, the Bishop made two related points reflecting the Readings for that day: in Confirmation we 'put on Jesus' externally, like putting on armour to protect us, and we receive Jesus internally so we show thenceforth the 'Light of Christ'. He asked us to look at the person next to us and suggested we were looking at Jesus, and then to look at someone else and suggested we were looking into the eyes of Jesus. Dramatic... but making his point. (Return to top)

After the Service, which included a first communion for the candidates, everyone shared in refreshments including a specially made cake. (Return to top)