June 2015
Welcome Lunch for Lara Bloom & Family
Picture, Table of Food
Over 60 parishioners from our 9 churches gathered in Dymock Parish Hall on Sunday 28th June to share an extensive buffet lunch to welcome our new Curate, Rev'd Lara Bloom and her family. A wide range of cold meats, quiches and sandwiches were provided, followed by the tractional Dymock spread of several fattening deserts. (Return to top)

Lara was able to go around the tables and introduce herself to many of those present whilst as the desert course was coming to an end, so we look forward to 3-4 years of happy work with her as she completes her 'apprenticeship' training for the priesthood. (Return to top)

Ordination of Lara Bloom
Picture, Lara's Ordination
Dymock's first ever Curate, Lara Bloom, was ordained as a Deacon in Gloucester Cathedral on Sunday 21st June at an impressive Service with 8 other new deacon's. (Return to top)

The Service was conducted by the Bishop of Tewkesbury, Rt Rev Martyn Snow, with at least 4 other bishops present. The sermon was given by Rt Rev Mary Gray-Reeves, the bishop of our link diocese of Cameno Real in California and the reading given by Rev'd Ola Saderberg from our link diocese of Vastaras in Sweden. Also present was bishop Sadoc from our link diocese of Western Tanganika (who had given the sermon at the ordination of priests the day before) and two of the retired bishops now acting as assistants in the diocese. (Return to top)

Several of our parishioners attended and were able to congratulate Lara on her new role as we shared the peace before the Holy Communion part of the Service. Lara will now be taking up her post as Curate in our benefice for the next 3 - 4 years; the church's equivalent of an apprenticeship! (Return to top)
Family Service - 'Celebrating Fathers'
Picture, Fathers Day Flip Chart
Fathers Day this year fell on the third Sunday of the month, when we usually have a quiet 'Said' Communion Service, so we celebrated our fathers instead at our regular 'All-Age Service a week early - on June 14th. In place of the traditional 'Sermon slot' we asked people to call out the characteristics of our earthly father and wrote them up on a flip chart, then compared them with the characteristics of God and found them very similar - which is why we call God our 'Heavenly Father'. We circled the characteristics we thought most important - see picture. (Return to top)

Our 'Young Voices' (the junior choir) were supported by the senior choir in singing an anthem about the characteristics of a father and we handed out 'Yorkie' chocolate bars to the fathers present as a thank you for all they do (instead of the Daffodil gift we usually give our mothers at the Mothers' Day Service). (Return to top)
Vintage Tea Party
Picture,Tony & Jeanne Reese
The Vintage Tea Party and 'Dymock Island Discs' has become a regular summer feature over the past few years.  Regrettably, the damp and dismal weather this year necessitated a change of venue from the planned marquee at Harmony Cottage to the church instead.   Thirty-two people gathered and enjoyed a fine afternoon tea whilst listening to our regular parishioner Tony Reese’s selection of eight discs for his Dymock Island Disks, interspersed with some fascinating background information about his career in shipping! (Return to top)

Although not primarily intended as a fund-raising event, the relaxed and enjoyable afternoon  raised a welcome £275 towards the Dymock Church Restoration Fund. (Return to top)