August 2015
Family Pets Service
Picture, Pets Being Blessed
Our annual Pet Service was held on Sunday 9th August when our old friend Rev'd Marilyn Adsetts came with her dogs to lead the Service. Attendance was down this year, we only had 7 dogs and no other types of pet. We began the Service some years ago in August, because we held it outside on the village green, but the last two years it rained, so we had the Service in church in those years. We discovered that was more intimate and worked well, so this year we chose to hold the Service in church even though the weather was dry. (Return to top)

We realised that if we're going to be inside, there's no need to do it in August, so perhaps next year we'll think about holding it in a different month when there aren't so many people away on holiday. (Return to top)

The animals were all well behaved with no little 'accidents' on the carpet, or fights between them, an all were individually blessed before we received the blessing on the people. (Return to top)